Sep 23, 2011

Univision airs "Infiltrados" its first Documentary with Original Music and Audio Post by Uptempo

Univision the lead Spanish network in the US, launched a new documentary unit. After a year in the making their first project is “Infiltrados”. This documentary takes an in-depth look at the FARC - one of the world's deadliest terrorist organizations, which is accountable for 60 percent of the cocaine that comes into the United States.
The show had an average of 2.5 million viewers and it was a total success not only because it was a great story but also was a non typical show for a US hispanic network.
Renowned mexican journalist and Univision's anchor Jorge Ramos who narrated and presented the documentary, was a major influence in its success. His work is highly recognized in the US and specially in the hispanic community.
Juan Rendon, director of the documentary wanted to create a music that described not only that military / spy mood but also the pain and drama of the agents. Based on that request the option was to go to Uptempo musicians Jose Miranda and Jose Tobar to create the music of Infiltrados, whom long and awarded career in film scoring (they won the european film festivals of Huelva, Flanders, Nantes and Ghent) was the perfect fit for the project. A total of 32 tracks were produced for the documentary.
The sound design and mix of Infiltrados was another big task for the project since it had more than 50 animations for the reenactments. A team of 3 engineers lead by Ricardo Tinoco with the help of  Ryan Cook and Juan Fortea took care of that mission in 2 months of work.
The stories of courage of these 4 infiltrated agents and the influential result of their mission is something that needed to be portrayed with an excelent quality.
For us at Uptempo it was a great experience to raise the bar for the hispanic tv programming.

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