Jun 1, 2009

The new Ford Fusion TV Commercial "Puppets" has sound design by Uptempo

Zubi Advertising has selected Uptempo to do the Audio Post for the new 2010 Ford Fusion TV commercial named "Puppets". The spot with creative direction by Andres OrdoƱez and Mauricio Candela, has been created in full CG by The Mill - an animation company famous for their work in "Gladiator"among other movies and it is a masterpiece created to be aired in the US hispanic market.

According to the agency producer Ronnie Gonzalez, the spot is a combined work that had a dream team in post production that also included the work of Stimmung with the music and part of the sound design and Uptempo for an international casting of voices and the final touches of sound design and final mix.
Uptempo's audio engineer, Ricardo Tinoco had the duty of finishing the spot and Roger Dominguez the Executive Production.
"This might be the best spot of the year for us at Uptempo if we see it as the amount of time and details that are included in the spot. You can watch the spot several times and you discover a new detail every time. From the names of the tracks in the radio, to the signs in the street, it is an awesome work. In the sound design you can even listen to the wings of the birds or the gestures of one of the puppets. We are glad that Zubi has given us that big opportunity" says Dominguez.
For this spot Uptempo recorded an ISDN session with The Living Room studios in San Antonio Texas and Alex Vargas as the talent selected in this international casting that included studios in LA, New York, Miami, Madrid, Buenos Aires and Colombia.

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