Apr 13, 2009

Uptempo takes 2 bronzes for Best Jingle as one of the winners of Festival Caribe 2009 in Panama

Uptempo se lleva dos bronces al mejor jingle y figura entre los ganadores del Festival Caribe 2009.
"Tango" and "Flamenco" the two jingles produced by Uptempo for the agency MGS Communications and the Florida Lottery have been selected by the jury of the Festival Caribe 2009 as the winners of the only 2 awards given in the category of Best Jingle.
The radio spots were created by Mariano German - Coley and Rodrigo Alonso from MGS and the composition was by Ricardo Tinoco of Uptempo.
"Tango" has already been one of the Gold Addys winners in the Florida Region and a finalist in El Ojo de Iberoamerica for the US Hispanic region.
For "Tango", Uptempo's Exec. Producer Roger Dominguez, got in contact with David Alsina -one of the best players of the bandoneon and Jorge Sanchez who is a veteran tango singer who also owns a popular restaurant in the Coral Gables area.
In the case of "Flamenco" Paco Fonta, a very popular flamenco artist, played the guitar and sang the whole jingle.
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